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Who are we?


6 Key Skills in age bands, without intervention.

Memory Foundation Ltd is a training and coaching company with science-based tools dedicated to:

  • enhancing memory skills to keep people out of care facilities for as long as possible
  • enabling the workforce to function more effectively
  • helping students produce better academic results

We have:

  • A committed and credible team with research IP
  • A proven ability to meet compelling needs with science-based tools
  • 10,000+ community /email subscribers; Revenue of $50,000+
  • 13 accredited brain fitness coaches; 4 more in training
  • Brain training course, Memory Tune®.
    • 15,900+ people have completed the early course online
    • 2012 successful NZ pilot; 2014–17, University of Auckland conducting a clinical trial.


      Memory Tune® pilot trial results after seven weeks. (2012)

  • Brain Fit for Life ®– 5-week community courses, 4x Brain Fit at Work
  • Academy trains brain fitness coaches by correspondence & in-person
  • 9 e-books, Paper-back 7-Day Brain Boost Plan. 3000 copies sold
  • Distribution channels: Amazon, YouTube,, websites and speaking.
  • Four free neuro-games, 150,000+ players
  • Websites,,
  • Online shop:

A Great Business Opportunity

The financial cost of our ageing population affects individuals, families, the corporate sector and governments at every level – and this is a global issue. In addition to the strong economic argument for brain fitness in later years, significant benefits can be gained by individuals, from teens through to those in the workforce to avoid brain overload.

Research shows that memory improves and brain connections re-grow when the brain is challenged; this increased brain mass creates a buffer against the symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. Co-founder Allison Lamont’s[1] PhD research focuses on thoroughly exercising the six key memory skill areas that are critical for independent living as we age (verbal, non-verbal, short-term, working, prospective and face recognition). This differentiates our work from other more generic offerings. Educator Gillian Eadie has translated Lamont’s research into practical activities, books, neuro-games and brain training courses. Accredited brain fitness coaches teach the courses in the community and workplaces. 

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  • SheEO_World Top 5 Venture, April 2018
  • Finalist in the Unlimited Business Challenge, 2011
  • ‘Best of the Best” presenter at Innovest, 2011.
  • As Healthy Memory Company Ltd, Runner-Up in the 2010 University of Auckland’s Spark competition for entrepreneurs, (attracted 400+ applications).
    Awarded 3 months with The IceHouse.

Recent Media Coverage

  • Memory Foundation profile & articles, Office for Seniors, October, 2017
  • 12 Questions, NZ Herald, November, 2016
  • NZ Listener, March 2016
  • TVNZ Kiwi Living, May 27, 2016
  • TVNZ Breakfast, November, 2015
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Allison C. Lamont PhD (Psychology), MA. (First Class Hons), NZPsS, APS, ASSBI, NZAC is a noted researcher who has also conducted a counselling and psychology practice for over two decades and operates the Auckland Memory Clinic. 1/111 Long Drive, St Heliers Auckland, 1071, NEW ZEALAND

+64 9 575 5432 |  +64 29 1200 346
Skype: Allison.Lamont
LinkedIn: allison-lamont

Gillian M. Eadie MEd, BA, LTCL, HFNZITP is a distinguished educator (Samuel Marsden Collegiate and Corran School as well as St Oran’s College), honorary staff member at The University of Auckland and former Chair of the Ethics Committee. Managing Director of Memory Foundation Ltd.
20 Glen Atkinson Street, St. Heliers, Auckland, 1071 NEW ZEALAND

+64 9 528 7393 | +64 21 243 9580
Skype: gillianeadienz
LinkedIn: gillianeadie
Email Gillian


[1] 2006 Cross-Sectional and Longitudinal Analyses of the Effects of Aging on Memory in Healthy Young, Middle-Aged and Oldest-Old Adults. Allison C. Lamont. Massey University, New Zealand.