St Heliers | 6 Sept – 27 Sept, 2022 | Tuesday afternoons CLASS FULL

The St Heliers Centre

If improving your brain health and memory is still on your ‘To Do’ list for 2022, join our St Heliers Brainfit for Life® class with Accredited Brainfit® Coach Jude Walter on Tuesday afternoons, starting 6 September. One 90-minute session per week for four weeks with a focus on 6 key memory skills that allow people to remain confident, […]

Christchurch | 8 Sept – 29 Sept 2022 | Thursday afternoons 2.00 – 3.30 pm

Fendalton Library

Sharpen your memory skills and improve your long-term brain health. Don't leave it until it's too late! Brainfit® for Life classes are a great way to help build and strengthen brain connections which serve as a valuable buffer against memory loss.   To find out how, join our Christchurch  Brainfit® for Life class with Accredited Brainfit® […]


Botany (Auckland) | 11 September – 2 October, 2022 | Sunday afternoons

Botany Library

Improve your memory and brain health. Take control of your memory and gain confidence by giving your brain a weekly workout! Encourage your friends to join with you and enjoy our Brainfit® for Life 90-minute, four-week course with Accredited Brainfit® Coach Michael Loveridge. The venue is Botany Town Centre Library (Focus Room), 588 Chapel Road, […]

Taupo | 12th Sept – 3rd Oct, 2022 | Monday mornings

Taupo Women's Club

Bobbie Bryce If you’re forgetting people’s names, losing your keys or not feeling as alert as you once did it’s probably because your brain is not in as good a shape as it used to be. Join our Taupo Brainfit for Life® class with Accredited Brainfit Coach Bobbie Bryce on Monday mornings, starting September 12th. […]


Browns Bay | 19 September – 10 October, 2022 | Monday afternoons

East Coast Bays Community Centre

Your brain needs a regular workout to improve your memory power and the renowned Brainfit® programme could be the perfect “personal trainer” for you. Don’t wait! Give your brain a weekly workout while learning some practical, fun strategies that will give you increased confidence and self-belief regarding your memory. Brainfit for Life® is one 90-minute session per […]