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An estimated 7-10 million people worldwide, are affected by Parkinson’s disease. Our brain is the body’s command centre and through a network of chemical messengers it relays messages back and forth to different parts of the body. Dopamine, a chemical messenger that...

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Digital Gadgets to Help Our Health

Wearable health-tech can help seniors become more independent. Key Takeaways Despite the perception that digital health technologies are not aimed at older adults, they have the potential to significantly benefit this demographic with features like health monitoring...

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Age vs. Genetics: which matters most in aging?

Age itself plays a bigger role than genetics in gene expression and susceptibility to specific diseases as we age. Amid much speculation and research about how our genetics affect the way we age, a University of California, Berkeley, study now shows that individual...

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“Thank you” to both of you, Gillian and Dr Lamont for all you are and for all you do to assist us in “keeping the focus” and for also staying in touch with me personally over these several years.

As a Senior Model, I am often called upon to memorize scripts for commercials and your work has so enriched my abilities and provided me with much more confidence when I get before the cameras. I also come from a long line of women who are known for their “forgetfulness” and I have learned the secrets as to just why this is so from reading the lessons you have provided for me.

Barbara Farrell, Actor & Senior Model, Florida

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