Memory Tune Day Five

Hello again,

Was discovering that short-term memory only lasts a few seconds a surprise to you?  For something so brief it can cause a great deal of trouble!

Practising short-term memory skills will strengthen all the other memory skills, so persevere with as many uses as you can find for it.

Now, on to today’s new skills.


Memory Tune Five


Today, a reminder of three words which give keys to reliable remembering:

Focus – Connect – Rehearse.

Then you’ll go on to a skill that is very important to all of us socially.  Imagine a world where you couldn’t remember what anyone you met looked like?  (You will learn about a condition that means just that).

Of course, it is more common for people to declare “I remember the face, but haven’t a clue about the name”.  Today’s the day for you, and you will learn the strategies so important for remembering names and biographical information about people.

Imagine what it will be like to greet people confidently, remembering their names. The embarrassed blushes will be at an end.

Practise this skill at every opportunity over coming days.



All the best

Dr. Allison Lamont, PhD (Psych), MA (Hons), MNZAC, MNZPsS, MAPS

Gillian Eadie, MEd, BA, Dip.Tchg, LTCL, Churchill Fellow