Memory Tune Day Nine

Congratulations!  You are now well past the half-way point.

Three weeks to a sharper, more confident you.


Memory Tune Day Nine


Today’s issue focuses specifically on verbal recall, the skills of remembering words and information, whether you have read, heard, or spoken them.

You will discover new tips and strategies for honing this ability.  You will also read about the importance of attention, or focusing closely on what you wish to remember, and the way your interest, motivation, concentration, emotions, and environment affects your attention.


We return, too, to the importance of sleep and how you can improve on the quality of your sleep.

Enjoy Memory Tune Nine!


Dr. Allison Lamont, PhD (Psych), MA (Hons), MNZAC, MNZPsS, MAPS
Gillian Eadie, MEd, BA, Dip.Tchg, LTCL, Churchill Fellow