Memory Tune Day Seven

Greetings everyone!

Did you find it an interesting challenge to work on so many memory skills at once?

This is like real life.  Your brain is working at many tasks, simultaneously.

As you will see in coming Memory Tune issues, each different type of memory activates many different brain areas.  Popping from one memory skill to another is a great brain work-out.


Now to another new skill.

MemoryTune Seven


Today you will learn about the busy, all-important, hard-working working memory.

It is so important in everything you do, whether it is making a decision, adding money, thinking through alternative possibilities, or working out how many chops to purchase when you have visitors coming.

Unfortunately, working memory is one of the memory types most affected by ageing.  Decide here and now that you will simply not allow that to happen!  Use this issue of Memory Tune to discover many ways of keeping your working memory sharp and in good shape.  I am sure you will be able to think of many more.

Continue to challenge your working memory!

Dr. Allison Lamont, PhD (Psych), MA (Hons), MNZAC, MNZPsS, MAPS
Gillian Eadie, MEd, BA, Dip.Tchg, LTCL, Churchill Fellow