Memory Tune One

You will receive two issues of Memory Tune each week for the next seven weeks.  Decide now when you will set aside time to enjoy working on the course and you will be surprised at the day-to-day opportunities to practice your growing memory skills.

Here is your first edition of Memory Tune. Click the link.

Memory Tune One

Memory Tune is in PDF format. We suggest you save each file so that you can visit them again. You can view the pages on the screen and some people like to print them out so that you have a paper copy.

Because you are participating in the New Zealand trial, you are also entitled to download the e-version of Seven Second Memory, the course handbook.

To download your free copy:

1. Go to Products on this website
2. Click ‘Add to cart’ beside the picture of Seven Second Memory, the ebook (don’t worry, you won’t be charged!)
3. Add this code in the ‘Do you have a coupon?’ box – NZTRIAL
4. Click to apply the coupon.
5. You will then receive instructions for downloading your copy.

Please save it carefully as you will be entitled to download it only once. The code may not be passed on to anyone else. This offer ceases on August 25th.

You are also entitled to purchase a discounted copy of the high-quality, paperback version of the handbook. ($20.00 instead of $29.95). Contact us if you would like to do this.

If you have any problems with Memory Tune or downloading your handbook,
please contact us.

We want you to enjoy the course without any problems!

Kindest regards

Dr. Allison Lamont
Gillian Eadie