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Seven Second Memory

Seven Second Memory

Unlike other books that have been around for a while, Seven Second Memory pinpoints exactly what you need to do to regrow your brain connections.

You will find out, step-by-step, how to regain your youthful brain age.

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Don’t Lose Your Memory!

Don’t Lose Your Memory!

Busy executives have many competing demands on their cognitive abilities.

Mid-career, occasional memory lapses can be worrying and detrimental to the professional image needed in business.

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Brain Food: Food for Thought


This handbook shows you how easy it is to eat the right foods for your brain. You’ll find out what are food myths and the facts you need for brain health. We’ve made it easy for you: there are shopping lists, recipes and straightforward steps in this colourful guide.

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When Children Become Parents

how-to-cope-with-Alzheimer's Understanding and coping with Alzheimer’s in the family.

Nothing can fully prepare you for the devastating changes you’ll observe in someone close to you who suffers from dementia. (Alzheimer’s is the most common cause). We’ve been though it and this handbook is a collection of tips, routines and suggestions that we trust will give support and reassurance to carers and family members.

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Memory Tune course

About the Memory Tune Course

Memory Tune is a 14-part memory training course that comes to you twice a week for seven weeks. Clinically trialled with improved results over all six memory types.

Try these easy-to-do tasks and exercises for yourself.

Price for the full course: $97.00


How to Improve Short-Term Memory

How to Improve Short-Term Memory

Don’t you hate it when you KNOW you need more items at the supermarket, but one of them has vanished from your mind. You rehearsed them in the car on the way and  when you have finished parking, found your shopping trolley and finally face the aisles of goods, your mental list has ‘gone’!

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3 booksMake sure you understand your memory, how to support it and how to help people you know with memory disorders. Buy all three eBooks for $17.00.

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