Forgetting names? Losing your keys? Inefficient at work? Not feeling as alert as you once did?

Check Your Memory

Forgetting names? Losing your keys? Inefficient at work? Not feeling as alert as you once did?

Check Your Memory

You’ve come to the right place!

Just like a muscle, our brains need regular workouts and recovery sessions to maintain and improve our memory power. The renowned Brainfit® World programme could be the perfect “personal trainer” for you and your brain, regardless of age so don’t wait until it’s too late – Unlock your full potential today with our evidence based brain training and memory enhancement programmes.


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The course has been so enjoyable and it’s with real enthusiasm that I leave each week to test my knowledge.  Absolutely inspiring.  It’s like eating something delicious and wanting more.

Mary, Northland, NZ
Verena K.

I find myself getting more alert and conscious of what is happening in my brain: that all-important: focus, connect, rehearse. Maybe there really is hope for my memory yet! Thank you for your on-going support and encouragement.

Verena K., Auckland, NZ
Memory Tune™
Rev. John Hunt

‘I am thoroughly enjoying Memory Tune. It has become part of my day. I am already feeling more alert and confident. I can remember all the images and the words from the first Tune of a week ago!’

Rev. John Hunt, Canterbury, NZ
Memory Tune™
Sue Crozier

This has been such a reassuring course – great to know there are lots of ways I can keep my brain active and sharpen my memory.

Sue Crozier, Auckland, NZ

Very clearly presented.  Good balance between information and practice.  Most people do not know you can reverse your ‘brain loss’.

Martine, Auckland, NZ

Very valuable hints to encourage healthy memory. Thoroughly enjoyable and non-threatening. Younger people need to be encouraged to take the course.

Pauline, Auckland, NZ
Barbara Farrell

As a Senior Model, I am often called upon to memorize scripts for commercials and your work has so enriched my abilities and provided me with much more confidence when I get before the cameras. I also come from a long line of women who are known for their “forgetfulness” and I have learned the secrets as to just why this is so from reading the lessons you have provided for me.

Barbara Farrell, Florida, USA
Memory Tune™

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