Functional training for you and your memory
The Memory Foundation develops key research into the Brainfit® memory improvement system. This system builds brain resilience and reduces the effects of memory loss. Brainfit® books and training are available internationally here on our website. The Memory Foundation team also provides in-person Brainfit® coaching in Northland, Auckland and Christchurch in New Zealand.

Brainfit® is a series of practical activities, books, neurogames and brain training courses that delay or reverse memory deterioration by strengthening six key memory skills. All Brainfit® programmes and materials are scientifically based and clinically effective. They focus on the key skills needed to keep brains active, alert and growing at any age, with particular relevance in the 50+ age group.

Brainfit® neuro-games, which challenge each of the six key memory skill areas, have been developed in partnership with the Computer Engineering and Robotics Lab at The University of Auckland. They are installed on the HealthBots in use with Gore Health, enabling users to develop cognitive reserve while their brain skills are intact, guarding against memory loss later in life.

Brainfit® courses, resources and books are available to the public here on the Brainfit® website.

Brain Training For Any Age

We focus on the six key skills you need for life-long independence. Keep your brain and memory connections active, alert and growing.