Brain Practice Answers

July 2019


Did you try each several times?

Here are the answers to Brain Practice, July 2019


Creating 36.

One answer:  7×5+3-2+0  OR 7 x 5 + 3 – 2 

Second answer: 7 + 7 + 7 + 7 + 5 + 3. 

There might be more. Did you find them? 

Play with Words

Hairball (or airbag)


Who is carrying the most weight?

The man in the middle has to carry 25% more weight.  



Which will fill up first?

Answer: the 5th tank
How? The second one is blocked





Did you Solve these?

Who Am I?
I am an eight letter word and I am computer terminology.
The second, third and fourth letters make an animal.
The fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh and eighth letters make a weapon.
The first, second, third and fourth letters can be taken as an outcome of any exam.
The fifth, sixth, seventh and eighth letter combine to form high end typing software.

Answer: password
What Am I?
You can easily touch me but not see me. You can put me out but not throw me away. 

Answer: Your back
If the red house is on the right side and the blue house on the left side, where is the white house?

Answer: In Washington!
If lightning strikes an orchestra, who is most likely to be hit? 

Answer: The conductor.

 We found 17 before our eyes became dazzled! Did you find more?

One of our readers, David S. sent me this message: 

I get 19. I suspect you missed the two outside squares formed by respectively the left and right hand bulbs of each outside pair. It’s hard to see them as they are on a slight angle.

Do you agree??

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