Brain Practice Answers

June 2018


Did you try each several times?

Here are the answers to Brain Practice, June 2018


How many triangles.

There are 24.



What is unusual about those words?

If you take the first letter (or first two letters) of each word and place it at the end, it will spell the same word backwards


How many cats?

Emily loves cats and she keeps some as pets. All but two are completely black. All but two of them are completely white. All but two of them are completely ginger. How many cats does Emily have in total?
Emily has three cats


Optical Illusion

Did you notice that the image stops turning when you look at it?
There are two broad theories for the wagon-wheel effect under truly continuous illumination. The first is that human visual perception takes a series of still frames of the visual scene and that movement is perceived much like a movie. The second is Schouten’s theory: that moving images are processed by visual detectors sensitive to the true motion and also by detectors sensitive to opposite motion from temporal aliasing. There is evidence for both theories, but the weight of evidence favours the latter.

How’s Your Logic?

Correct answer: 7. The result is a sum of two numbers below the triangle. In the first case, it’s 1+7=8, second case 5+4=9, third case 9+0=9, fourth case 4+3=7 which is the final answer to this math puzzle









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