Brain Practice Answers

June 2019


Did you try each several times?

Here are the answers to Brain Practice, June 2019


Guess the Weights

Rabbit = 3 KG
Cat = 7 KG
Dog = 17 KG
Total = 27 KG

Replace the Question Mark






Which glass has the most water?





Who bought what?

Pierre, Claude, Michel and Suzanne are searching for online deals.

Each person buys a different product:
an iPad, a blender, a TomTom GPS and an Acer Notebook.

They each purchase at a different store: Best Buy, Home Depot, Future Shop and Staples.
Hints :
1 The Acer Notebook was not sold at Future Shop.
2. Neither Pierre nor Michel bought at Staples or Best Buy.
3. Claude didn’t buy a TomTom GPS or an Acer Notebook.
4. A man bought the blender at Home Depot.
5. The iPad was not bought at Staples.

Answer :
Pierre, the blender, Home Depot
Suzanne, Acer Notebook, Staples
Claude, iPad, Best Buy
Michel, TomTom GPS, Future Shop



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