Offering classes in the Taupo region


MSc (Hons) in Cognitive Psychology & Accredited Brainfit® Coach

Taupo (and formerly Whanganui) is a long way from teaching in the North West Province of Pakistan, but Bobbie is glad to be back home and an Accredited Brainfit Coach.

In 2007, her University professor laughed when she said her ambition was to change the world through clinical research into memory – but with her MSc (Hons) in Cognitive Psychology, she was chosen as a Research Fellow in a study of post-operative memory loss.

Then came research trials of potential dementia medications giving more experience and understanding of memory issues: these only demonstrated that there is no ‘magic memory pill’. Bobbie’s managed rest homes in NZ and the UK and is currently Clinical Director of the Memory Clinic.

Bobbie has always been frustrated at being the ‘ambulance at the bottom of the memory cliff’. Now, Brainfit For Life classes run parallel with her Memory Clinic.

After years of giving entertaining presentations on topics such as memory and driving, Bobbie has found what she calls ‘the ambulance at the top of the cliff’’.

Brainfit for Life is the long-awaited opportunity to share the how the six types of memory can be improved by strengthening neuroplasticity.

“I wish I’d known all this sooner” she says.

Having recently moved to Taupo, Bobbie offers Brainfit® for Life classes and one-on-one coaching in the Taupo region. She also travels to offer classes in adjacent areas.

Phone: +64 27 255 4979

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It is an extremely stimulating and useful course at any age or stage.  I like the follow-up emails which remind me to keep up the things I’ve learnt.

Jane B, NZ
“The course has made a difference already.  Not just remembering things I need to do,  but motivation for the act of doing them.
Today I contacted 2 friends whose birthday it is. I usually remember but don’t necessarily act upon it. The relief of doing this, instead of having to remember again another day is wonderful. “
“You made important stuff such fun. ” 
Margaret, Feilding NZ

‘Bobbie’s course renewed my self belief and that memory can be improved at any age.’

Marilyn, from Feilding, NZ

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