Brain Challenges for You

August 2021

Brain Practice Puzzles

The executive functions of your working memory get a workout with this set of puzzles.

A Walk in the Park

Each morning, Oscar walks through the park. He makes it his business to go from one gate to another and walk over every path in the park without either crossing where he has been or walking over the same path twice.

How does he do it??

How many exchanges took place?

There were 20 businessmen at a meeting, each representing a different country.
At the end, they exchanged a coin from their home country with each other.


Use your Non-Dominant Hand!

You’ll do some cross-brain training with this challenge.
(Activating your corpus callosum.)

Copy or draw this charming chicken. (You don’t have to be an artist!)

For an extra challenge, study the image for 30 seconds then draw it from memory.

A Timely Challenge

Can you draw two straight lines across a clock-face, dividing it into sections so that the sum of the numbers in each section is equal?

Is there a word?

The word ‘balloon’ has two sets of double letters in a row.

Can you think of a word in the English language that has three sets of double letters, each right after the other?




Ready to challenge your Short-term Memory?

Try to reach 7 items with this fascinating game …..

Click the image to begin.


Need more practice?

Healthy Memory Workout is an eBook full of puzzles to challenge your brain


Need tips and strategies?

Puzzle Secrets is a companion eBook with tips, strategies and more puzzles to challenge your brain