Brain Practice

December 2014

Find that a challenge?

Here are the answers to the December 2014 Brain Practice quiz

Egg Time puzzle: Start both timers together. When the 3-minute timer ends, turn it over quickly. When the 4-minute timer ends, turn the three minute timer over once again – there will be one minute’s worth of sand to add to the four minutes. Then you will have the perfect 5-minute egg!

The 49 four-letter words we found in “NEUROSCIENCE” are:
coin cone cons core corn cues cure curs ecru eons euro ices icon inns ions iron neon nice nine none
nose noun nuns once ones onus ores ours rein rice rise roes rose rues ruin rune runs ruse seen seer
sere sine sire sore sour sure uric urns user

The 53 five-letter words we found in “NEUROSCIENCE” are:
coins cones conic cores corns cries crone cures curie curio curse eerie ennui ensue icons incur inner
inure irons nicer niece nines noise nonce norse nouns nurse occur osier ounce reins resin reuse rinse
risen rosin rouse ruins runes scene scion scone score scorn scour seine since siren sneer snore sonic
union urine

Lost Ring Puzzle: Weigh three parcels against another three parcels. If one side is heavier than the other, then one of those three parcels must contain the ring. If the two sides are equal, then the ring must be in one of the three parcels that were not weighed. From the group of three with the ring, weigh two of the parcels. If one side is heavier it has the ring. If they are equal, then the un-weighed parcel must have the ring.

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