Brain Practice Answers

September 2015

How did you go?

Here are the answers to the September 2015 Brain Practice:

Balancing Puzzle

Scales A and B balance perfectly. How many squares will you need to balance scale C?

Answer: 7.

Two polygons weigh the same as 5 circles; 2 squares weigh the same as 3 circles and 3 polygons weigh the same as 5 squares, so 7 squares are needed.

Word Circles

One word is contained in each circle – you can find it by reading either clockwise or anti-clockwise. Can you find them all?

1. Scarcity
2. Forehead
3. Dreadful
4. Dressing
5. Standard
6. Calamity
7. Lemonade
8. Wardrobe

Symbol Puzzle

The rows across and down must add up to the numbers shown at the end of each row. Your task (if you choose to accept it!) is to work out what number each symbol represents. Have fun with these!

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