Brain Practice Answers

April 2021
Here are the answers to the April 2021 Brain Practice:

Which One Chimes Next?




Cat Count

Altogether, Jenny has three cats. Two of her cats are not Siamese, although one is. Two cats are not Persian, though one is. Two cats are not tortoiseshell, but one is. that adds up to three cats, one of each breed.

Around the World


Andre Partin India
Barney North France
Chloe Olsen Mexico
Dixie Ryan Egypt



How to get there!

The person living in Mexico is female (5) but isn’t Dixie (5), so she is Cleo.

The person living in France is male (3) but isn’t Andre (3), so he is Barney.

Andre doesn’t live in Egypt (6) so Dixie does, and Andre lives in India.

North is not Cleo (1), Andre (1, India) or Dixie (7) so North is Barney.

Three of the people write to each other (1) but Ryan is not one of these people (2) so Ryan is not Cleo (1) or Andre 1, India). 

So Ryan is Dixie.

Andre (India) is not Olsen (4), so Cleo is, and Andre is Partin.


How Many Words?

ore, owe, per, pew, pore, pow, power, pro, prow, rep, repo, roe, rope, row, woe, wore  Any others??

Burger and Fries Puzzle

Burger = 15

Fries= 5


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