Brain Practice Answers

May 2016

Here are the answers to the May 2016 Brain Practice:

Blue Painted Cube

Six of the remaining cubes will be painted on two sides.



Tennis Match

Answer 17 matches need to be played.

Every match will produce one loser and every person other than the winner will lose once and only once. Eighteen players makes seventeen losers; therefore it will take 17 matches to have a tournament winner.

Any other explanations?


Park Notice



The sign says DO NOT LITTER.

This is an example of an easy solution code or cipher. You can  make your own code by drawing two tic-tac-toe patterns and two X patterns, one with dots and one without, as shown below.


Now add the 26 letters of the alphabet inside the 26 ‘compartments’ in any order you wish. You make the code by substituting a drawing of the compartment instead of the letter it contains. Try it!!

Delete the letters!

We found two ways to complete this challenge.

Solution 1: E – PLANTS; L – PANTS; N – PATS; S – PAT; P – AT; T – A

Solution 2: S – PLANET; T – PLANE; E – PLAN; L – PAN; L – PAN; P – AN; N – A

Solution 3:E – PLANTS; L – PANTS; P – ANTS; S – ANT; T – AN; N – A (Thank you Janet for this solution!)

Any others??

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