Memory Check Results

How did you do?

This is for your own use only, so be honest!

Add together each of the numbers you’ve chosen in the Memory Check.
They add automatically downwards on-screen – all you have to do is add the totals across the bottom line.

(Want to take the Memory Check again? You can do it as often as you like.)


What do the scores mean?


(Remember! This is simply your baseline – your score will rise as you progress through the series. You’ll learn to pay more attention to your memory and how it is operating.)


95 +

Wow! Your memory difficulties are minimal.

Make sure you keep them that way by continuing to challenge your brain.


50 - 80

It’s time to start recognizing that you have a slight to moderate degree of memory change. This is the best time to begin regrowing your brain connections to build a buffer against future memory loss. Decide to take the course.


Under 50

You are noticing memory difficulties and it is great that you are aware of them – that’s the first step. Brain cells and connections can regrow at any age – scientists have proved this. It’s not too late to start building up your memory powers again – why not start today?

Congratulations! You’ve taken a positive step by completing this Memory Check!

Forgetting does NOT have to be a way of life. Of course, around 50 and onwards, you will begin to notice some memory changes. The good news is that memory loss is not inevitable. You can regrow brain connections at any time in your life.

These are your wake-up call.
It is time to DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT! Here’s how we can help