Brain Challenge Answers for You

July 2022

Did you try the puzzles several times before checking?

Where is the Dot?

Estimate the location of the point in relation to the base of the triangle.

The dot lies exactly in the middle between the tip and baseline of the triangle, but it still looks as if it is closer to the tip. the eye is confused by the fact that the kower surface of the triangle is larger and the point in the upper area is closer to the lines. Our eyes can deceive us!


How far will she need to walk?

She must walk for three miles West. (It works the same if you use kilometres!)



Ready for some riddles?

Which is faster – hot or cold?
Hot, because you can easily catch cold!
Forwards I am heavy. Backwards I am not. What am I?  –
The word TON
What starts with a ‘t’, ends with a ‘t’ and is full of ‘t’?
How many months have 28 days?
12 – they all have 28 days.
What do tigers have that no other animal does?
Baby tigers
Which three letters will frighten a thief away?
I  C  U
What part of London is in Brazil?
The letter ‘L’
Mrs Smith has nine children and half of them are girls. How can this be true?
They were ALL girls.


How’s your thinking?


Dog + Dog + Dog = 36, so each dog must be = 12
Dog + paw + paw = 28, 12 + ? + ? = 28 – 12 (Dog) = 16
so, each paw must = 8
Paw – 3 bones = 5. Paw = 8 so the bones must = 3, each bone = 1
Need to find: Paw + Dog ÷2 bones =
BODMAS (do division calculation first) – Dog ÷2 bones = 12 ÷ 2 = 6

8 (Paw) + 6 (Dog 12 ÷ 2 (2 bones) = 6) = 14



How did you go with this? Well done if you reached the same conclusion – or if you found another way and answer?? Do let us know!



Find the missing letters

There is a three-letter sequence missing from each of these words. What is it?

HO – – –  HORDE

BU – – – N    BURDEN

O – – – R    ORDER

A – – – N T    ARDENT

Which is the correct answer?

Tip: Remember the Bodmas rule

try-the-sumC- 50 is the correct answer.

7 divided by 7 = 1

7 times 7 = 49

7  +  1 + 49 minus 7 = 50


Try making a paper fish.

The TikTok video shows you how



Another Word Challenge.

There are some missing letters. Insert them to create ten words – five across the grid and five down.






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