Brain Challenge Answers

September 2022

Did you feel your Working Memory in action?

Arrows Challenge

Option 1 completes the pattern


In each row, the second figure is obtained from the first figure by reversing the direction of the Right Hand Side arrow and the third figure is obtained from the second figure by reversing the direction of both the arrows.


Find the Baby Chick.

Did you spot the Chick – it was a challenge, I know!

The chick has a tiny pointed beak .


Complete the Star




This WAS a challenge – of logic, trial and error and elimination.
Did you find the ‘trick’?
  Multiply the same-colour sections and the answer always = 200
(* means multiply)
Blue – 50*4=200; Red 10*20=200; Grey 5*40=200; Pink 25*8=200; Orange 2*100=200
Green 1*200 =200



How Many words?

D  L  B  N  A

and, bad, bald, ban, band, bland, lab, lad, land, nab

Any others? Two from Anne H. Thank you! dab, dan (from martial arts),  alb (an ecclesiastical garment – Anglican or Roman Catholic).

Look out for some exciting news about future brain challenges – you’ll be one of the first to know!



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