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Craig Readhead

Craig Readhead

Accredited Brainfit® Coach

I decided to train as a Brain Fit coach because I’ve had an ongoing interest in personalities, the mind, and how we think, feel and function.

I have had a successful and long career in the airline industry and during my career it was important for me to have a good level of focus, brain fitness and brain health to function effectively in my roles. This functionality has also played a big part in my personal life with several interests such as being a musician, photography, design and problem solving.

Becoming a brain fit coach provided me with further in depth knowledge and understanding of how the brain functions, including strategies to enhance and strengthen my brain health and fitness. What inspires me in life, my “why” statement, is to help others embrace a better way so that they are inspired to achieve better outcomes.

It is an exciting time in the arena of neuroscience where there have been some major discoveries, plus momentum is growing to further understand the many facets of the brain.

We can now benefit significantly, no matter what our age, from understanding our brains and how we can apply effective strategies to our everyday lives.

I am married and a father to two beautiful daughters. They, and my wife, continue to inspire me every day.

I now know that what I have learned has changed my life and style of living and will serve me well for the rest of my life.

I look forward to sharing the Brain Fit for Life® strategies with you.

Craig offers class in the Auckland region.

Phone: +64 27 276 9933 | 09 627 1488

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