Dana Steinova Head of EURAG Memory Training Center Head of Czech Society for Memory training and Brain Jogging,  EURAG Secretary General, Head of Prague Senior Council.

We are delighted to introduce Dana Steinova, whose work in aging memory has resulted in over 2000 trainers in the Czech Republic. This is an important international connection for Memory Foundation and Brainfit programmes.

Mission OF EURAG:

(European Federation of Older Persons)

To promote memory training as an effective tool against mental deterioration in an aging society into public knowledge, organize memory training classes for the public and train memory trainers for the elderly in such classes especially for institutional care. CSMTBJ has been closely cooperating with German, Belgian, Austrian and American experts in forming these programs.

Since April 1994, four years before the official start, the systematic training of memory trainers was launched and there are now over 2.000 trainers presently in the Czech Republic. One ground level course and two specialized seminars are organized every year.

The three–level educational program for memory trainers /168 hours in total/ was launched in 2009 with the following output: certified memory trainer I – for ground level course leavers; certified memory trainer II – for advanced course leavers; certified memory trainer III – for those who defend successfully their theses which are based on individual experience in concrete conditions, description of monitored array, methodology, results, discussion and examples of own work including personal evaluation of their own contribution to the subject. This educational program has been accredited by the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs No.2009/716-PC/SP and renewed every four years, the present accreditation is valid till 18. 12. 2024

Sponsored by the Czech Society for Memory Training and Brain Jogging
Founded on 19.3.1998 ICO 67983324, Charitable Trust
Accredited educational institution of Ministry of Social Affairs No 2008/372-1
Chairman: Ing. Danuse Steinova

Committee members: PhDr. Jana Koblihova –vice-chairman, Associate Professor PhDr. Marek Preiss Ph.D. – science and research, PhDr.Diana Chrastkova – education; Mgr.Dagmar Maroszová – co-operation with libraries

National Day/Week of Memory Training reaches thousands.

Organized by the CSMTBJ for the first time on March 14th 2005 as a part of  Brain Awareness Week, www.dana.org /, the pattern was set for this worldwide action to become an annual event. That year, the members offered 13 free promotional lectures on memory training focused on the senior population throughout the Czech Republic with 650 participants. CSMTBJ was listed among ten highlight events of BAW 2005.

These events have continued each year with 8633 participants attending 408 lectures in 2019. In 2022 National Week of Memory Training took place from March 14- 20, 248 lectures with 4.451 participants.


Since 1.7. 2006 till 31.12.2010 the CSMTBJ has been co-operating with the Prague Psychiatric Center on the research project „Training of Cognitive functions with senior population-effectiveness and implementation (Grant 2D06013 of Ministry of Education, Youth and Physical training).Marek Preiss, Ph.D., Associate professor, the committee member for science and research,was in charge of this research project, Ing. Dana Steinova was a member of his team.

In 2002 the EURAG (European Federation of Older Persons) Memory Training Center has been established in Prague, sponsored by the Czech Society for Memory Training and Brain Jogging and German Bundesverband GedachtnistrainingE.V. with intention to share the knowledge and experience of European experts with countries, where memory training for the elderly has not yet been introduced. The Center offers also intensive memory training classes for individuals in English and courses for certified memory trainers in Prague and in countries which express interest.

Promotion of memory training via international events:

EURAG symposim on memory training-organized in co-operation with the German BundesVerbandGedachtnistraining E.V.- Prague,March 2000; EURAG colloquy on memory training- Prague, October 2003;

EURAG congress Turin, Italy May 2002; ARP conference, Aveimore, U.K. September 2002; Age concern seminar, London January 2003; ASA and NCA conference, Chicago, USA, March 2003; ARP conference Southport, October 2003; ASA and NCA conference San Francisco, April 2004; lecturing tour organized by Meharry Medical College, TN, USA August 2004; seminar organized by Ministry of Community Development, Singapore, August 2004; World Congress of Gerontology, Rio de Janeiro, June 2005; International symposium „Healthy Ageing in Europe“, Vienna,Austria, March 2006; conferences on memory training for seniors, Kosice, Slovakia, October 2006, January 2007; ASA and NCA conference Washington D.C.,March 2008; EURAG and Slovak Medical University conference- Bratislava ,September 2008; EURAG congress Leon,Spain, November 2008; NGO workshop on the European Pact of Mental Health and Well-Being, Brussels, Belgium,January 2009;

EURAG Seminar on the Brain, Prague, March 2009; „Activition and non-farmacological treatment of seniors with AD“, Bratislava, Slovakia, September 2009; conference on Memory training for the elderly, Dolny Kubin,Slovakia, September 2010; EURAG & E-seniors Conference on Ageing is fun, Paris,October 2015;Neuropsychological conference Lubin, Poland-May 2016; International conference Non-pharmacological approaches in treatment of AD, Bratislava-September 2016;Age Without Boarders , the global internet webinar-top No 1 evaluation-May 2017; World congress of Czechoslovak Society of Art and Science,Prague-July 2018;

Intensive classes  and workshops for the public in English:

Prague, June 2002; N.H., USA August 2002; Prague May 2003; London July 2003; Southminster U.K. July 2003; Washington USA August 2003; Prague October 2003; Prague May 2004; N.H. USA July 2004; Cyprus- April 2005; Slovakia-June 2005; Wales,UK-August 2005; Slovenia,Ljubljana –introductory seminar for Papilot- September 2005; Cyprus- April 2006; Cyprus – May 2006; Prague- June 2006; Prague –September 2006;

Reykjavik, Iceland- April 2007;Boston USA-introductory lecture- June 2007; Prague-May 2007; South Africa, Cape Town, George – July 2007; Hobart,Tasmania-introductory lecture-September 2007; Inverness,U.K. introductory seminar for professionals-November 2007; Prague –May 2008; Johannesburg ,South Africa – June 2008; Knysna , South Africa introductory lecture – July 2008; Tel Aviv, Israel- introductory seminar for public-October 2010; Prague-May 2011; Prague-May 2012; Tirana, Albania-seminar for social workers-September 2012; Lodz,Poland- introductory seminar for public –March 2013; Riga, Latvia-introductory seminar for public- October 2013; Boston, USA-introductory workshop –LPN conference-June 2015; Nashville, TN-introductory workshop-Meharry Medical College-July 2015;Brewood, U.K.- workshop for public-August 2016; St.Vincent de Paul Residence, Malta- workshop for professionals-September 2016; Paris, France- workshop for public-October 2016; Paris;Copenhagen, Denmark-Danish seniors, workshop -February 2017;Reykjavík, Iceland-U3A,workshop-September 2018; Reykjavík, Iceland-Nursing Home Mörk-workshop for professionals-September 2018; Paris, France -workshop for public-October 2018, Brewood, U.K. workshop for public-December 2018;Paris, France -workshop for public-October 2019;Copenhagen,Denmark-Senior Community Center-October 2019; zoom workshop for U3A in Cape Town- April 2020; zoom workshop  for U3A in Cape Town and Johanesburg-May 2020; zoom workshop for Indian gerontologists-September 2020; EURAG Pan European zoom workshops- January, February, March, April, May, June 2021;

Courses for certified memory trainers in English:

Prague – February 2002 ; Prague – February 2003 ; Prague – February 2004 ; Tallinn, Estonia – March 2004; Limassol, Cyprus – November 2004; Prague – February 2005 ; Singapore – November 2005; Prague – February 2006; Singapore- September 2006; Singapore – August 2007; Prague – February 2008; Poprad, Slovakia- April 2008; Reykjavík, Iceland- September 2008; Prague – November 2008- advanced level; Prague- May 2010; Singapore-July 2010; Prague-May 2012; Prague-May 2013, Kathmandu, Nepal-July 2013, Tirana, Albania-September 2013; Prague-May 2014;Voronezh, Russia- July 2014; Tallinn, Estonia- September 2014;Boston, MA, USA- July 2015; Cookeville, TN,USA- July 2015; Tiruchirappalli, India- September 2016; Reduit, Mauritius-June 2017; Malta – UN Institute of Ageing – September 2018; Moscow, Russia – September 2019; Budapest, Hungary-September 2021;

Dana Steinova

Head of EURAG Memory Training Center

Head of Czech Society for Memory training and Brain Jogging

EURAG Secretary General, Head of Prague Senior Council;