The research is clear.

Exercise is a breakthrough medicine.

  • It enhances the health of brains and bodies.
  • It improves neuroplasticity and learning.
  • It helps us delay, avoid or manage many health issues both mental and physical.

What’s more, we don’t need research to tell us we feel good if we exercise.

When we move we get calmer and clearer, our energy increases and we are more productive.


Even with the overwhelmingly positive short and long-term benefits of exercise,

Around 50% of people never quite make exercise a consistent habit.

Good intentions abound yet our ‘inner voices’ reveal ongoing disagreements.

One voice may be saying…”Let’s get moving, it’s good for me”

Another voice says “I’m too old” or I’m too tired” or “I’ll look stupid”.

Even in the face of the amazing benefits of exercise the no-go voices sometimes win out!

What to do? 

Kris suggests:
Have a counter argument ready for each of the ‘no-go’ voices.

Start with, ‘Yes but”

“I’m too tired” –

“Yes but… just do 10 minutes and see how you feel” 

“It’s too cold I’d rather have a hot bath” –

“Yes but…a walk will warm you up and you can still have a bath afterwards”

You get the idea …..

Try the tactic – it works!

Kris says:

It is never too early to start and never too late to begin!

Exercise Specialist, Kris Tynan.

Watch out for more great exercise and lifestyle tips from Kris Tynan next month.