Older adults who walk quickly (faster gait) have a better life expectancy.

Did you know that?

Probably it is no surprise to find out that faster walkers will live longer than those who walk slowly.


Did you know that grip strength is also a good predictor of longevity and general health?

How to test your own Gait and Grip Strength.

Walking pace:

  • Aim to walk at a pace of 3km (i.86 miles)/hour as this is rated as a medium pace,
  • Greater than 3.5km (2.17 miles) /hour is good
  • Greater than 4.3km (2.67 miles) /hr is exceptional.

Walking briskly is also likely to get your heart rate up and therefore gives you a heart health or cardiovascular benefit.

The more impactful heel strike is good for bone health.

Grip Strength:practice-your-grip

To improve your grip strength it is very easy to do using a soft “stress ball” or an old tennis ball.

  • Simply squeeze and hold for 3-5 seconds, relax and repeat approx. 8-10 times.
  • Do this while watching TV, when you are on the phone or while you are out walking briskly!

(To accurately assess your grip strength, you can really only get a qualitative measure by using a device called a dynamometer.)

Kris says:

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Exercise Specialist, Kris Tynan.

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