Offering classes in Christchurch, New Zealand
Ina Meeten

Ina Meeten

BRAINFIT® WORLD Director & Coach, NLP Coach (IN & IANLP), B.Eng (Cartography), Diploma in Psychology (currently studying), Accredited Life Kinetik Coach


My journey with Brainfit® began out of a desire to understand cognitive health better, sparked by a family member’s cognitive assessment and the stark contrast between my aunt’s dementia diagnosis and my mother’s excellent brain health. This led me to delve into the subject, becoming increasingly fascinated with the importance of cognitive wellness for everyone. I felt compelled to raise awareness and educate others on how to maintain alertness, productivity, and confidence in memory.

Becoming an accredited Brainfit Coach was a natural progression in my mission to promote cognitive wellness. I have been conducting Brainfit classes since 2021 and I am also certified as a Life Kinetik and NLP coach.

I am passionate about explaining to people how our memory works. Many people grew up believing that from the age of 50 our memory will start declining and there is nothing you can do. If you are one of them, then you’re probably not very motivated to do anything for your memory. But if you would know that you can improve your memory, no matter what age, wouldn’t this be more motivating to do something to keep your memory sharp?

My Brainfit®World courses will help you understand how memory works and what a brain healthy lifestyle is. It will give you an overview over the six different memory skills, which are important to enable us to live independently as we grow older. You’ll learn practical strategies and tools that you can use in your everyday life to improve your memory now and in the future.

Forgetting names or where you left your keys can be a thing of the past.

I offer classes in Christchurch, New Zealand and surrounding areas.

If you are interested, please contact me.

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I am enjoying my Brainfit® sessions with Ina. She is a great leader and she explains things well. I am a VHF radio operator with the Nelson Marlborough Marine radio, talking to vessels in the top of the South Island area. I need very quick thinking for some situations. This work helps with my brain function. Thank you Ina for the chance to attend.


Judith Allen, Blenheim NZ

I really enjoyed the course. Accompanied with the book it was just great. Ina was an excellent teacher and we would like to do another course next year with her.


Ngaire, Blenheim NZ

I have struggled with cognitive issues as I have advanced in years, it has really worried me. Having been in Ina Meeten’s class in Blenheim, I am a lot more confident that I can look forward to many more years without “losing my marbles”!!

I now have a real purpose in life, and I think I can help others as well.

Thank you

Ben Wickham, Blenheim NZ

I have recently completed the Brainfit course with Ina Meeten. Ina was encouraging and inspirational. Our course was both fun and challenging. We learnt so much about how our amazing brain works. I would highly recommend it to anyone who wants to improve their memory and thinking skills.

Lorraine, Blenheim

I found the course very helpful, and easy to follow.

Some things were surprising and many of the techniques I am able to slot into my every day activities. It has really helped to be made aware of a lot of things that I can do differently in a wide range of situations to help with my memory. Thank you so much.

Jane, Blenheim

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