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Jude Walter

Jude Walter

BRAINFIT®WORLD Director & Coach, Grad Dip. Corporate Communications & Public Relations, BA (Sociology & Politics), Dip. Freelance Journalism

I became involved with Brainfit having experienced first-hand the devastating effects of prolonged stress on the brain and memory during a mental breakdown in my early 30’s.

As a practiced communicator, presenter and capability trainer, I have been putting my skills to good use since 2017, as an accredited Brainfit Coach helping Kiwis to understand that stress and getting older don’t have to go hand in hand with memory loss. The sooner you start to strengthen your brain, the better.

I am a passionate lifelong learner who knows how important cognitive vitality and resilience are to thrive personally and professionally. I am highly regarded as an energetic and engaging presenter and I have been lucky enough to share my story and expertise on radio, podcasts and TV so, if you are looking for:

  • A fun and engaging way to improve your knowledge of memory and brain health
  • Improved confidence in knowing how to grow your brain regardless of your age
  • Easy memory tips and exercises to practice at home and share with family & friends

Please get in touch.

Phone: +64 27 2863961 | Email: jude@brainfit.nz

Meet Jude


Feel encouraged, very hopeful of improving memory.  Stimulated.  Had excellent teacher, many wonderful laughs, much to learn.


I am thoroughly enjoying the course and find it very beneficial, so thank you.

A. Hogan Auckland, NZ

Very valuable hints to encourage healthy memory. Thoroughly enjoyable and non-threatening. Younger people need to be encouraged to take the course.

Pauline, Auckland, NZ

This has been such a reassuring course – great to know there are lots of ways I can keep my brain active and sharpen my memory.

Sue Crozier, Auckland, NZ

Very fulfilling and engaging course. Excellent presentations that were relevant to everyday happenings

Glenys, Auckland

“I wanted to say a big thank you for the recent Brainfit At Work session you led with my team. The way you seamlessly blended scientific knowledge with real-world applications allowed us to grasp the concepts in a tangible way. Your passion for the subject matter and your engaging presentation style made the experience all the more enriching.

What stood out the most was the universal resonance of your session. It wasn’t just about absorbing information; it was about recognizing the potential for growth and improvement within ourselves. Your ability to touch upon areas that everyone could relate to created a sense of unity and shared purpose and we are genuinely grateful for the opportunity to learn from you.”

Kathy, Auckland

Thanks for yesterday’s ‘power hour!’ After the training, I spoke about the content with my husband and he particularly liked (as well as I) methods to learn someone’s name by taking a mental picture and making relevant associations. We will both be trying this as and when we meet new people.

Thelma, Auckland, NZ

Jude was so inspiring. I am sorry it has to come to an end!

Carol, Auckland

I had an opportunity to practice remembering names at a social gathering on Friday where we met a lot of new people. Being an inquisitive person I found it easier to probe into people’s names rather than weave a story around them. For instance I was introduced to a lady called Sheryl and asked her if she was Sheryl or Cheryl. By concentrating on people’s names and repeating them as soon as possible I was able to remember most people I met, even differentiating between an Annette and a Lynette so was quite pleased.

Moyra, Auckland NZ

A revelation! What a wake up call and an exciting view of the new possibilities ahead of me.

Sally, Auckland

“Jude’s presentation on the Brainfit At Work programme was a highlight for our August 2023 Workforce Development Day. With over 90 attendees ranging in age from their early twenties through to their late sixties, there was information that resonated for all and practical tips that could be implemented without cost to make a real difference. You could hear a pin drop during Jude’s session and the chatter that continued amongst the team for the remainder of the week, sharing reflections and key takeouts, highlighted just how valuable everyone found it. Thank you Jude – you were superb.”

Jennah Wootten, Chief Executive, Aktive

It is an extremely stimulating and useful course at any age or stage. I like the follow-up emails which remind me to keep up the things I’ve learnt.


“The feedback we received on the Brainfit At Work session was very positive. Everyone was engaged & loved the mix of science, research and practical ‘here is what you can put in place tomorrow’ tips. Your ability to hold the crowds attention with your energetic delivery style together with thoughtful answers to individual questions was fabulous. Thank you so much Jude.”

Wendy, Auckland
“The course has made a difference already.  Not just remembering things I need to do,  but motivation for the act of doing them.
Today I contacted 2 friends whose birthday it is. I usually remember but don’t necessarily act upon it. The relief of doing this, instead of having to remember again another day is wonderful. “
“You made important stuff such fun. ” 
Margaret, Feilding NZ

Very worthwhile course & well worth the few hours it takes. Lots of good new tricks to aid the ageing grey matter!

Roger Milne, NZ

Very clearly presented.  Good balance between information and practice.  Most people do not know you can reverse your ‘brain loss’.

Martine, Auckland, NZ

The course was fun and well presented. I found myself looking forward to each class and was very pleased when I got the opportunity to catch up on one class that I was unable to attend at the time.


The course has been so enjoyable and it’s with real enthusiasm that I leave each week to test my knowledge.  Absolutely inspiring.  It’s like eating something delicious and wanting more.

Mary, Northland, NZ

“Wow…. You have got a lot of the workforce talking after the Brainfit training! The staff who attended were blown away by what they experienced and the conversations that have followed since have been unreal. I’ve even witnessed a couple of staff members make complete lifestyle switches as a result because they resonated with your story and could see the path they were heading down too. Thank you so much Jude, I’ve truly loved partnering with you to bring this to Waipā and really look forward to the journey ahead together.”

Steph Curin, Manager Culture & Capability Waipā District Council 

“I wanted to again extend my gratitude for the remarkable Brainfit At Work session you led at the Summit. Your session was undeniably one of the highlights for so many of us, and it left a lasting impact on all those who attended. Your ability to distil complex concepts into practical takeaways was truly impressive. The insights you shared during the Brainfit session resonated with each of us on a personal and professional level. It was as if a lightbulb had illuminated, revealing new perspectives and actionable strategies that we can implement to better ourselves.

The session was not just informative; it was transformative – It sparked a renewed sense of curiosity and a commitment to lifelong learning. We walked away with actionable steps that we can incorporate into our daily lives to enhance our cognitive fitness and overall well-being so thank you for sharing your expertise and insights with us in such a relatable and impactful way.”

Emily Ingoe, Sales Excellence Manager, Lion NZ

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