Our Favourite Lifestyle Links

I Am Sorted

This New Zealand-based workbook is designed to provide as much, if not all the information required if the unexpected should happen to you. It is full of useful information and checklists to guide you through setting out your wishes for health, funeral and legal matters as well as providing all the vital contacts needed for those to manage your affairs when you can no longer do this.

Living Better at 50

Excellent lifestyle magazine for ‘Women with Spirit’. Sections cover Healthy, Beauty, the Home, Travel, Relationships, Money and Business, Faith. And you’ll find Brainfit & Memory Foundation articles there, too. Sign up for Carol Doyel’s newsletter, too.

Lifestyles Over 50

With a mission of ‘encouraging vibrant and healthy living’, this site for the over-50’s includes a wide variety of resources, as well as targeted ads for local groups. Many categories offer useful articles and information and the site is attractively illustrated and set out. It’s easy to read and well worth a visit. Take the poll!


Alive is Canada’s leading natural health and wellness magazine. Knowledge you can trust.

Keep Safe from Online Scams

While online scams are a serious concern, there are many ways to keep you and any elderly loved ones safe from sophisticated scammers, ensuring they can live out the rest of their days in peace and comfort.

Cerebral Palsy Resources

http://cerebralpalsyguidance.com/ Provide vital guidance and assistance for parents of a child with cerebral palsy.

birthinjurycenter.org/cerebral-palsy/ This center assists anyone who has been affected by a birth injury – the website has information around the different types of injuries, including cerebral palsy.

https://cerebralpalsyguide.com This national organization provides free educational information, financial options and emotional support for parents and children affected by cerebral palsy.

https://www.cerebralpalsysymptoms.com  Cerebral Palsy is the most common physical disability in childhood, with a child being born with CP every hour. This website raises awareness of cerebral palsy globally, providing information on this as well as other birth injuries.