Offering classes in the Hawkes Bay region



Hawkes Bay born and bred, I studied and completed a Bachelor of Science before heading off overseas. During my time abroad I completed a Masters of Business Administration living in a wide range of environments including large cities, a conflict zone and even an isolated tropical atoll (where the scuba diving was second to none). After 15 years of living abroad the decision to return to raise my family in the Hawkes Bay was an easy one. Shortly after arriving home I trained as a secondary school science teacher. I thoroughly enjoyed the opportunities this provided, enabling me to share my passion for the great outdoors and inspire the next generation to care for our natural environment.

Four years into my teaching career I suffered a Mild Traumatic Brain Injury in a farming accident. My recovery gave me valuable insights into how the brain worked and with this, new found respect for the regenerative ability of this essential muscle. I re-learnt many key life skills and was able to return to full time teaching some 18 months later.

Ten years on and I have left full time teaching behind and as a Brainfit Coach would like to encourage others to exercise their minds, increase their mental capacity and live confidently regardless of their age or stage of life.

My courses will help you understand how memory works and what’s important for brain health and give you strategies and tools that you can use in your everyday life.

Forgetting names or where you left your keys can be a thing of the past.

I offer classes in the Hawkes Bay region.

Phone: +64 21 124 6113


Very valuable hints to encourage healthy memory. Thoroughly enjoyable and non-threatening. Younger people need to be encouraged to take the course.

Pauline, Auckland, NZ

Very clearly presented.  Good balance between information and practice.  Most people do not know you can reverse your ‘brain loss’.

Martine, Auckland, NZ

This has been such a reassuring course – great to know there are lots of ways I can keep my brain active and sharpen my memory.

Sue Crozier, Auckland, NZ

I find myself getting more alert and conscious of what is happening in my brain: that all-important: focus, connect, rehearse. Maybe there really is hope for my memory yet! Thank you for your on-going support and encouragement.

Verena K., Auckland, NZ

The course has been so enjoyable and it’s with real enthusiasm that I leave each week to test my knowledge.  Absolutely inspiring.  It’s like eating something delicious and wanting more.

Mary, Northland, NZ

‘I am thoroughly enjoying Memory Tune. It has become part of my day. I am already feeling more alert and confident. I can remember all the images and the words from the first Tune of a week ago!’

Rev. John Hunt, Canterbury, NZ

Brain Training For Any Age

We focus on the six key skills you need for life-long independence. Keep your brain and memory connections active, alert and growing.