Memory Story Competition

Share your story and encourage others.

 We want to hear YOUR memory story.

Tell us about a time your memory was highlighted. (It can be amusing, embarrassing, a cautionary tale …. it’s up to you!) You don’t need to be a literary genius to enter – just tell us a real story. We’ll publish the most compelling memory stories and if you have pictures you are happy for us to include, please send those to us, also.

There are lots of prizes!

(eBooks, discount vouchers, free courses – even our premier online course Memory Tune™)

We’d love to make you famous by publishing your name and which country you live in or you can remain anonymous in print if you would prefer.  We need to know who you are, though,
so that we can send you your reward!

 Creating your story.

There are just a few guidelines:

  1. Stories should be 100 – 500 words
  2. They should be sincere and fair to the people who may appear in your story.
  3. Real names need not be used.
  4. You can enter as many times as you like.
  5. Email your story to us
  6. Entries should reach us by midnight, February 25th, 2015




Get Writing Now!

Email  us your story (or stories).

We can’t wait to read them!

Don’t forget to attach any pictures we can use (of the occasion, of you, of your group)

You have until February 25th, 2015