Offering classes in the Auckland region
Michael Loveridge

Michael Loveridge

B.Ed. (Adult Education); NC Adult Literacy & Numeracy Education (Educator); NC Training & Development (Professional Practitioner); Workplace Assessor; Accredited Brainfit® Coach

While at Secondary School, Michael Loveridge developed an interest in the brain, how it worked, and basic memory techniques.  Later, he started his educator career by using this knowledge to train adults to study and achieve academic success.

Michael holds a Bachelor of Adult Education and has 15 years’ experience as a qualified literacy, language, and numeracy tutor.  Recent work has included the design and delivery of personalised employee development programmes.

An accredited Brainfit® Coach, Michael is excited to share lifestyle tips and information on our brain so that people can strengthen six key memory skills and develop a healthier brain needed for everyday living, regardless of age.

Michael offers  Brainfit® for Life classes in the South and East Auckland regions.

Phone: +64 09 267 3999 | +64 021 140 1917
Email: michael@brainfit.nz

Meet Michael


I am thoroughly enjoying the course and find it very beneficial, so thank you.

A. Hogan Auckland, NZ

Thank you Michael for being unfailingly pleasant, professional, and altogether jolly.

Charlotte, Auckland, NZ

I am very much enjoying my Brainfit class

Liz Hannan

Reassuring, encouraging, excellent strategies provided to “enhance remembering”.

Tim Walsh, Auckland, NZ

Very clearly presented. Good balance between information and practice. Most people do not know you can reverse your ‘brain loss’.

Martine, Auckland, NZ

It is an extremely stimulating and useful course at any age or stage. I like the follow-up emails which remind me to keep up the things I’ve learnt.


Relaxing atmosphere and I could have a giggle at times. Michael was just the perfect tutor.

Natalie Bunning, Auckland NZ

Succeeded with remembering the shopping list.

Louise Auckland, NZ

I had an opportunity to practice remembering names at a social gathering on Friday where we met a lot of new people. Being an inquisitive person I found it easier to probe into people’s names rather than weave a story around them. For instance I was introduced to a lady called Sheryl and asked her if she was Sheryl or Cheryl. By concentrating on people’s names and repeating them as soon as possible I was able to remember most people I met, even differentiating between an Annette and a Lynette so was quite pleased.

Moyra, Auckland NZ

Such an efficient, experienced, professional presentation. Thank you.

Libby Hallam

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