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B.Ed (Hons) Diploma Counselling, Doula, Accredited Brainfit® Coach

My name is Nikki and I live in Auckland. I have five children all of whom were homeschooled. Only two are still at home and I have three gorgeous little grandaughters.

We came here to New Zealand from the UK ten years ago where I originally trained as a Primary School Teacher back in the 80’s.

My training as an Accredited Brainfit® Coach blends beautifully with my work in Education, Early Childhood, Communication Skills and Counselling.

I am passionate about this subject having seen first-hand the devastating effects of age and disease on the brain and memory in family and friends and the impact these classes and workshops will have on the Brain Health of anyone who attends but particularly the 35 to 95 age range and the impact this has on future independence.

I am an experienced and lively educator, facilitator, and speaker, having spoken at conferences for women in India and Europe.

My courses will give you an overview of the six different memory types, which are important to enable us to live independently as we grow older. Taking these classes  will help you to understand how memory works and what’s important for brain health and give you strategies and tools that you can use in your everyday life.

Nikki offers Brainfit® for Life classes in Auckland.

Phone: +64 22 045 5822


The course has been so enjoyable and it’s with real enthusiasm that I leave each week to test my knowledge.  Absolutely inspiring.  It’s like eating something delicious and wanting more.

Mary, Northland, NZ

The course was fun and well presented. I found myself looking forward to each class and was very pleased when I got the opportunity to catch up on one class that I was unable to attend at the time.


I think focus-connect-rehearse says it all for me. I met a man a few days ago and he was actually admiring my bike. We ended up chatting and he told me his wife was Sue and he was Neil. Bingo!

Bevan, Auckland, NZ

I really enjoyed the course. Accompanied with the book it was just great. Ina was an excellent teacher and we would like to do another course next year with her.


Ngaire, Blenheim NZ

This has been such a reassuring course – great to know there are lots of ways I can keep my brain active and sharpen my memory.

Sue Crozier, Auckland, NZ

“I really enjoyed the course and the calm and gentle way you led us – thank you very much.”

Riverhead class

Brainfit was extremely useful, providing me with strategies to improve my memory, even at the young age of 34. Michael was very easy to understand.

Matt Gosling, Auckland

‘Bobbie’s course renewed my self belief and that memory can be improved at any age.’

Marilyn, from Feilding, NZ

It is an extremely stimulating and useful course at any age or stage.  I like the follow-up emails which remind me to keep up the things I’ve learnt.

Jane B, NZ

Thanks for yesterday’s ‘power hour!’ After the training, I spoke about the content with my husband and he particularly liked (as well as I) methods to learn someone’s name by taking a mental picture and making relevant associations. We will both be trying this as and when we meet new people.

Thelma, Auckland, NZ

Jessie, thank you for the course.  It has made me feel so much better about myself and have “exercises” to maintain my self-confidence.


I am thoroughly enjoying the course and find it very beneficial, so thank you.

A. Hogan Auckland, NZ

I found it to be very easy to understand and then put strategies into practice. Michael was very enthusiastic and knowledgeable.

Jill Gosling

Very worthwhile course & well worth the few hours it takes. Lots of good new tricks to aid the ageing grey matter!

Roger Milne, NZ

Feel encouraged, very hopeful of improving memory.  Stimulated.  Had excellent teacher, many wonderful laughs, much to learn.


It is an extremely stimulating and useful course at any age or stage. I like the follow-up emails which remind me to keep up the things I’ve learnt.


I have struggled with cognitive issues as I have advanced in years, it has really worried me. Having been in Ina Meeten’s class in Blenheim, I am a lot more confident that I can look forward to many more years without “losing my marbles”!!

I now have a real purpose in life, and I think I can help others as well.

Thank you

Ben Wickham, Blenheim NZ

Very valuable hints to encourage healthy memory. Thoroughly enjoyable and non-threatening. Younger people need to be encouraged to take the course.

Pauline, Auckland, NZ
“The course has made a difference already.  Not just remembering things I need to do,  but motivation for the act of doing them.
Today I contacted 2 friends whose birthday it is. I usually remember but don’t necessarily act upon it. The relief of doing this, instead of having to remember again another day is wonderful. “
“You made important stuff such fun. ” 
Margaret, Feilding NZ

The things that I liked about the course:

  • Victoria’s openness and acceptance of all our comments and questions
  • The non threatening nature of the course. We weren’t required to share the results of the tasks we were set but feedback was invited. No pressure.
  • I like the content of the course. Each session was interesting. A good mix of theory about   the structure and wrking often brain and brain health. Extremely interesting. I also enjoyed the varied activities. All well presented by Victoria who invited questions and checked with us that her communication was clear and understood.
  • I enjoyed the small group size and the company of the others in the group.

There wasn’t any aspect that I didn’t enjoy. I looked forward to  attending each week and was sorry when it ended.

Kathy Hoskins

Brain Training For Any Age

We focus on the six key skills you need for life-long independence. Keep your brain and memory connections active, alert and growing.