Being ‘perturbed’ is usually pretty uncomfortable!being-perturbed

You’ll feel unsure what to do next and worried about outcomes.

But if you are a physiotherapist, it all changes.

Perturbation is the term used by physiotherapists to describe the state when you are physically required to work against gravity to stay upright and well balanced.

And that’s a good thing, right?

If you can cope with being perturbed and maintain your balance, you will stay on your feet and avoid falling over.

So how do you practise being perturbed and therefore improve your balance?

Here are two different options for practising perturbation:

  1. On public

The next time you are on a bus or train take the opportunity to remain standing and try to keep your balance.

You will probably want to have a pole or seat within reach but you will very quickly feel how your torso and leg muscles are working to keep you steady in light of the swaying motion.


hands-in-praying-position2. Requires a partner and is called Stay as a Statue.

Face your partner with your hands out in front of you in a praying position.

Your goal is to stay in that position while your partner is pushing on your hands side to side and up and down to force you to move in order to stay on balance.

If you are doing this correctly you’ll feel your ‘core’ or torso tensing up.

Keep your hands away from your body and don’t hold your breath!

Get perturbed now!

Kris says:

 “Some is better than none and more is better than some.”

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Exercise Specialist, Kris Tynan.

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