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Rima Abdulwahab

Rima Abdulwahab

Accredited Brainfit® Coach | Diploma Age Care, Counselling | Certified Mindfulness Coach | CoE Diploma Improve Memory


I am a Brainfit® for Life coach in Christchurch. For many years I was working in trading shares and I loved my job. It’s like challenging game because everyday there is something new to learn or to try. Because I love challenging my brain I decided to become a Brainfit® Coach.

Today’s world of information overload makes it hard to concentrate on any one thing so many people of different ages are worried about their memory lapses and brain let-downs.

I believe there is no such concept as a good memory or bad memory- there is only a trained memory and an un-trained memory.

Brainfit® for Life courses are useful for everyone.

I am a Brainfit® Coach and I will teach you how to turn `I Forget` into ‘ I Remember`.

Phone: (+64) 021 264 1921
Email: rima@brainfit.nz



These classes have helped me find specific areas I need to work on. Concussion-related injury.

Angelique, Christchurch

I thoroughly enjoyed the Brainfit class. It has given me ways of improving my memory. Rima has been excellent in teaching and made the classes very enjoyable.

Mia from Christchurch, NZ

Hi Rima

Thank you for all you have taught me. I was starting to worry about my memory and was thinking it could only get worse. thanks to you and all I have learnt from you I know there are many ways in which I can help myself. I have regained a lot of confidence in myself and am no longer 75 going on 100 but am 75 going on 55. Thank you so much.

Margaret, Christchurch

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