Brain Practice Answers

September, 2016

Your working memory will have been firing with these challenges!

Here are the answers to the September, 2016 Brain Practice:

Name the Flowers:

O! Mad Girl – MARIGOLD

Rain on Act – CARNATION

Thy Chains – HYACINTHS

Stares – ASTERS

List Up – TULIPS

It’s Love – VIOLETS

Nose and lid – DANDELIONS

Socks Galore:

Bart has only to take out three socks.

Here’s how: If the first two socks Bart grabs don’t match, then the third sock is bound to match one of the other two.

Mental Arithmetic:

This one is up to you! Too many calculations to write here.

Delete and Make More Words:








Kitten Challenge:

The three kittens can be easily divided if the two mothers and two daughters are: a woman, her daughter and her grand-daughter!



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