Challenge your brain with a CodeCracker

July 2015

Your printable version of the CodeCracker!

Codecracker July 2015


How to solve the Codecracker

The numbers from 1 – 26 each appear at least once in the grid and refer to a letter of the alphabet. The code you have to crack is which number goes with which letter! Remember that every letter from A – Z needs to be used so you must find them all.


  1. There are some starter letters given to you to help out so be sure to enter those first to help you get started.
  2. Each number represents the same letter throughout.
  3. All words used are from the dictionary and no proper nouns are used.
  4. Start with the letters given and build your solution from there.
  5. CodeCrackers differ from crosswords because you are not given any clues.  However, you might be surprised by how often you can guess the word from the few letters you are given.
  6. As you replace each number throughout the grid with a letter, mark it off the A – Z list underneath so you know it has already been used.
  7. Often the most used vowel will be ‘e’ (but not always!)

Now it is up to you and your amazing brain. HINT: If this is your first CodeCracker and you are really stuck, take a quick peek at just the letter that is holding you back.

Ancient Wisdom

Here’s a bonus puzzle, similar to Codecracker. See if you can work out what the ancient philosopher has to say.   Cryptogram Ancient Wisdom

Need more practice?

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