Judith Allen, Blenheim

I am enjoying my Brainfit® sessions with Ina. She is a great leader and she explains things well. I am a VHF radio operator with the Nelson Marlborough Marine radio, talking to vessels in the top of the South Island area. I need very quick thinking for some situations. This work helps with my brain function. Thank you Ina for the chance to attend.



I really enjoyed the course. Accompanied with the book it was just great. Ina was an excellent teacher and we would like to do another course next year with her.



Hi Rima

Thank you for all you have taught me. I was starting to worry about my memory and was thinking it could only get worse. thanks to you and all I have learnt from you I know there are many ways in which I can help myself. I have regained a lot of confidence in myself and am no longer 75 going on 100 but am 75 going on 55. Thank you so much.

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