Matt Gosling

Brainfit was extremely useful, providing me with strategies to improve my memory, even at the young age of 34. Michael was very easy to understand.


“I really enjoyed the course and the calm and gentle way you led us – thank you very much.”

Kathy Hoskins

The things that I liked about the course:

  • Victoria’s openness and acceptance of all our comments and questions
  • The non threatening nature of the course. We weren’t required to share the results of the tasks we were set but feedback was invited. No pressure.
  • I like the content of the course. Each session was interesting. A good mix of theory about   the structure and wrking often brain and brain health. Extremely interesting. I also enjoyed the varied activities. All well presented by Victoria who invited questions and checked with us that her communication was clear and understood.
  • I enjoyed the small group size and the company of the others in the group.

There wasn’t any aspect that I didn’t enjoy. I looked forward to  attending each week and was sorry when it ended.

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