It’s a room you visit every day.

You probably don’t give it much thought.

But, did you know –

Toilets have only been around since the 18th century?


From then onwards, for many, squatting became a thing of the past.

However, it turns out, squatting was better for us.

Sitting with a 90-degree hip angle pinches off the anal canal (see the image below).

Here is good advice from Kris Tynan.

Reduce your hip angle to around 35 degrees when ‘sitting on the throne’.

Evacuation is much easier and reduces the need to strain which, in turn, reduces the possibility of haemorrhoids.




To make this simple adjustment all you need to do is place your feet on a small step-stool or a pile of books.

Old phone books are ideal for this.

If you have trouble with bowel movements this is definitely worth a try.


Kris says:

It is never too early to start and never too late to begin!

Exercise Specialist, Kris Tynan.

Watch out for more great exercise and lifestyle tips from Kris Tynan next month.