Offering classes in Christchurch
Tim Webster

Tim Webster

B.SC (Hons, UK) Phys Ed, Dip. Phys Ed, Accredited Brainfit® Coach

Having spent a lifetime in the health and well being industry, Tim and his wife established Exercise as Medicine NZ® which is a charitable trust that provides condition-specific exercise for people living with long-term health conditions (which is 1-in-4 New Zealanders).

Tim specialises in working with people living with neurological conditions, much of which revolves around the concept of neuroplasticity (the ability of the brain to form new neural pathways given the right stimulation). He sees Brainfit® for Life as a natural extension of this philosophy.

Tim is a qualified teacher who spent a decade in the UK education system before establishing a media and training company operating in the health and leisure sector. A natural communicator, he has spoken at health and well being conferences worldwide including the USA, Russia, Germany, Scandinavia, UK, Australia and NZ.

No longer a spring chicken himself, he knows only too well the pain of forgetting the name of someone he’s known for twenty years.

Tim likes to make his training fun and relaxed, so a sense of humour is desirable.

He is currently running classes in Christchurch.

Phone: 021 0228 2551
E: tim@eamnz.com
W: www.exerciseasmedicinenz.com
F: https://www.facebook.com/eamaotearoa/
I: https://www.instagram.com/


Very fulfilling and engaging course. Excellent presentations that were relevant to everyday happenings

Glenys, Auckland

“Veronique, this was a most fabulous course which I think is relevant to anyone of any age. I was a little nervous about attending, but it was very empowering to be taught how to enhance brain health and memory. The course was really well structured, illustrating and reinforcing how the memory works and you made it interesting and fun.”

Bridget, North Shore

Thanks for yesterday’s ‘power hour!’ After the training, I spoke about the content with my husband and he particularly liked (as well as I) methods to learn someone’s name by taking a mental picture and making relevant associations. We will both be trying this as and when we meet new people.

Thelma, Auckland, NZ

The course was fun and well presented. I found myself looking forward to each class and was very pleased when I got the opportunity to catch up on one class that I was unable to attend at the time.


“I really enjoyed the course and the calm and gentle way you led us – thank you very much.”

Riverhead class

Jude was so inspiring. I am sorry it has to come to an end!

Carol, Auckland

I am thoroughly enjoying the course and find it very beneficial, so thank you.

A. Hogan Auckland, NZ

Very valuable hints to encourage healthy memory. Thoroughly enjoyable and non-threatening. Younger people need to be encouraged to take the course.

Pauline, Auckland, NZ

Brainfit was an enjoyable way to understand and learn about my brain and memory. Highly Recommend!

Carmen, Auckland

It is an extremely stimulating and useful course at any age or stage. I like the follow-up emails which remind me to keep up the things I’ve learnt.


This has been such a reassuring course – great to know there are lots of ways I can keep my brain active and sharpen my memory.

Sue Crozier, Auckland, NZ

It is an extremely stimulating and useful course at any age or stage.  I like the follow-up emails which remind me to keep up the things I’ve learnt.

Jane B, NZ

The course has been so enjoyable and it’s with real enthusiasm that I leave each week to test my knowledge.  Absolutely inspiring.  It’s like eating something delicious and wanting more.

Mary, Northland, NZ

I think focus-connect-rehearse says it all for me. I met a man a few days ago and he was actually admiring my bike. We ended up chatting and he told me his wife was Sue and he was Neil. Bingo!

Bevan, Auckland, NZ

Very worthwhile course & well worth the few hours it takes. Lots of good new tricks to aid the ageing grey matter!

Roger Milne, NZ

A revelation! What a wake up call and an exciting view of the new possibilities ahead of me.

Sally, Auckland

I have recently finished a course called Brain Fit For Life with Jessie. It is the best thing I have done to improve my mind for ages and will continue to practice the mental and physical exercises I learnt. I also enjoyed meeting a new group of people, we intend to continue meeting once a month for a chat over coffee. Thank you Jessie you were great.

Robyn Wilson

Feel encouraged, very hopeful of improving memory.  Stimulated.  Had excellent teacher, many wonderful laughs, much to learn.


I am very much enjoying my Brainfit class

Liz Hannan

Very clearly presented.  Good balance between information and practice.  Most people do not know you can reverse your ‘brain loss’.

Martine, Auckland, NZ

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