Brain Challenges for You

July 2022

Lots of Working Memory practice for you this month.

Where is the Dot?

Estimate the location of the point in relation to the base of the triangle.


How far will she need to walk?

Excellent working memory practice!



Ready for some riddles?

Which is faster – hot or cold?
Forwards I am heavy. Backwards I am not. What am I?
What starts with a ‘t’, ends with a ‘t’ and is full of ‘t’?
How many months have 28 days?
What do tigers have that no other animal does?
Which three letters will frighten a thief away?
What part of London is in Brazil?
Mrs Smith has nine children and half of them are girls. How can this be true?


How’s your thinking?





Find the missing letters

There is a three-letter sequence missing from each of these words. What is it?

HO – – –

BU – – – N

O – – – R

A – – – N T

Which is the correct answer?

Tip: Remember the Bodmas rule



Try making a paper fish.

The TikTok video shows you how



Another Word Challenge.

There are some missing letters. Insert them to create ten words – five across the grid and five down.






Do you need to check your answers? Click here.



Need more practice?

Healthy Memory Workout is an eBook full of puzzles to challenge your brain


Want to improve your puzzling?

Puzzle Secrets is a companion eBook with hints and strategies for solving puzzles.