Brain Challenges for You

November 2021

Lots of Working Memory practice for you this month.

Word Ladder

Change just one letter to create a new word on each step. You are aiming to change the word FIVE into FOUR.

There are six new words to be created (let us know if you can do it in less?)


What’s the Time?

Annie has been trying to sleep for hours! Lying in bed, she thinks, “Two hours ago, it was a long after 1.00 am as it was before 1.00 pm. And I’m still awake!”

What time is it now?
(Sorry – it’s NOT the time shown on the clock!)



Which tank arrives first?

Commander Jack is training new recruits and he wants to test their reasoning.

Here is his test:
” On this circular course, the tank at point A travels towards point B. At the same instant, another tank starts from point C and travels towards point D.

Both travel at the same speed.
Which tank will reach its destination first?

Or will they arrive simultaneously?”


Tie the Knot

Take two ropes and cross them (red over blue) to form a half knot. Cross them a second time (red over blue again) and pull the ends tight to form the Square Knot.

The Video will talk you through the process and give you some other options, too.

An excellent exercise for working memory.

Try this Sudoku

If you have always wondered how to do Sudoku, check this article.









Do you need to check your answers? Click here.



Need more practice?

Healthy Memory Workout is an eBook full of puzzles to challenge your brain


Want to improve your puzzling?

Puzzle Secrets is a companion eBook with hints and strategies for solving puzzles.