Latest Past Events

Shirley | 13 June – 4 July, 2024 | Thursday mornings

Shirley Wellness Centre 6 Shirley Road, Mairehau, Christchurch

Do you sometimes feel you are losing your edge, and your brain is not working as it used to? Learn a range of simple, practical strategies you can use every day to live a brain-healthy lifestyle and improve your confidence and self-belief regarding your memory. The Brainfit for Life® course has a focus on 6 key […]


Mt Eden | 10 June – 1 July, 2024 | Monday afternoons

Mt Eden Village Centre 449 Mt Eden Rd, Auckland

Lacking confidence in your memory? Feeling the effects of stress on the brain? Looking for some simple, practical strategies you can use to help build and strengthen your brain connections regardless of age? Join our Mt Eden  Brainfit for Life® class with Accredited Brainfit Coach Jude Walter on Monday afternoons, starting 10th June 2024. One 90-minute session per week […]


Hobsonville Point | 7 June, 2024 | Brainfit to Drive| Friday morning

Headquarters Building 214 Buckley Ave, Hobsonville Point, Auckland

Brainfit® to Drive answers the question that we often get asked: "Why do I have to visit my doctor for an assessment when I've been driving for so long?''. It is because driving is all about memory and how you process the flow of information streaming into your brain. If driving is an integral part […]