Memory.Foundation Supports Community Causes

Memory.Foundation in the Community

Rotary Club of Auckland East

Rotary is an international organization and both founders have connections dating back to 1968. Dr Allison Lamont is a Director of the Rotary Club of Auckland East.

She chairs the membership committee and is actively involved in community activities such as Top Schools, book fairs, and other fund-raisers for local and international projects. She has also addressed three Rotary clubs (Auckland East, St Johns and Bishopdale-Burnside) on the work of the Memory.Foundation and memory.


NZ Butterflies Trust

Everyone loves butterflies. But the Monarchs are under threat all round the world.   Memory.Foundation co-founder, Gillian, works hard all year-round raising swan plants so she has a plentiful supply of food for the gorgeous, very hungry caterpillars! She has several sheltered safe houses around the garden so that they can eat, form a chrysalis and emerge as glorious Monarchs without being preyed upon by wasps, shield bugs and other predators.

The Monarch Butterfly Trust is just one of the community causes Memory.Foundation supports. The Trust works to raise awareness of all butterflies in New Zealand and their conservation through their innovative programmes for schools and a tagging initiative for marking and recording where butterflies go to when they fly away.

Some Groups Memory.Foundation Works With

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