Do You Need a Speaker?

Just like any muscle, our brains need regular workouts and recovery sessions to maintain and improve our memory power which is where the renowned Brainfit programme can help.

All our Accredited Brainfit.World coaches are experienced speakers who have addressed a wide range of audiences from large international conferences and workplaces through to community groups, retirement villages and smaller interest groups.


What do we talk about?

Our informative 60 minute talks can be tailored to suit your group but we offer both Brainfit for Life and Brainfit At Work options which draw on the internationally acclaimed age-related memory loss research by New Zealander, Dr Allison Lamont whose work has supported more than 40,000 people on their brain health journey to date.

Research shows that the human brain is growing and changing throughout our lives and the more we can do, the better when it comes to brain health and cognitive resilience. During the talk, our coaches will share some of the latest exciting memory research with you and provide simple, practical tips and advice on how live a brain-healthy lifestyle every day.

  • Fun and engaging way to improve your productivity and knowledge of memory/brain health
  • Increased confidence and self-belief regarding memory
  • Easy memory tips and ideas to create a brain friendly work environment

A Speakers Fee applies for these talks so please contact the Brainfit.World Coach in your local area or email us for more information.

Gillian Eadie addressing Bruce McLaren Retirement Village

‘Your brain connections can grow!’ Gillian Eadie tells Bruce McLaren Retirement Village


Looking for a longer course for your group?


Our Brainfit for Life courses comprise 4x 90min fully facilitated interactive sessions which can be delivered once a week OR over two half days. Click here to see our upcoming Community classes but we are also happy to run Private sessions at a location of your choice for groups of 10+ people.

Our Brainfit at Work™ programme is a 2hr face-to-face, group facilitated seminar that helps to build and strengthen brain connections, which serve as a valuable buffer against memory loss, brain overload and burnout, regardless of age. Hosted by a trained facilitator, these interactive workshops focus on the basics of how the brain ‘works’, why overload affects our memory and provides practical strategies for building work practices that support and nurture your brain. To book a workshop for your team today, email us or contact Jude Walter on +64 27 286 3961