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  • Seven Second Memory
  • Brain Food: Food for Thought
  • When Children Become Parents

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7SecMem blue cover for ebook (Duplicate)Seven Second Memory, Edition 3

Memory Techniques that Will Change Your Life.
Rewire Your Brain for a Youthful Mind.

Discover how you can literally regrow your brain and reverse the aging process,transforming your memory.

You’ll find in this amazing handbook:

  • How to harness your seven second memory
  • The six key memory skills that will give you a youthful memory
  • Simple techniques for regrowing your brain power and helping you to remember
  • How to never again forget a face or a name
  • The seven easy-to-do memory techniques that will keep your youthful memory alert
  • Practical techniques that you can use now in your personal and professional life
  • How your brain works and why you sometimes forget
  • Lifestyle strategies to support your youthful memory

Brain Food, Food for Thought

Nutrition for Maximum Mental Performance and Regrowing Your Brain
You will find out:

  •  Why water is so good for you
  •   What is The 8 Step Brain Eating Plan
  •   A checklist of vitamins you need
  •   The mystery of High GI and Low GI
  •   The supplement story – what you should be taking
  •   Good fats and Bad fats
    AND –   Brain boosting recipes and a shopping list!


When Children Become Parents

A Guide to Understanding and Coping with Alzheimer’s in your Family
You will learn :

  • What are the worrying signs?
  • How did we know this was Alzheimer’s?
  • Practical things like which clothes are best
  • Tips for communicating and helping her to remember
  • How to cope with difficult behaviour
  • How to keep her amused and engaged all day

Alzheimer’s Disease (and memory loss) is the Number One fear of baby boomers. No-one wants to end up with memory loss and living in care …. but what if it strikes someone in your family?



You can download all three titles (Seven Second Memory, Brain Food, Food for Thought & When Children Become Parentsas e-books in PDF format for $16.99NZD

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