The Auckland Memory Clinic was established to ensure access to treatment of memory loss at its earliest stages by means of scientifially-based programmes individually tailored for each client. Five years of research into age-related memory loss in healthy adults from 20 years to 100 years of age resulted in isolating the particular types of memory vital to continuing memory confidence, productivity, and independence into old age.

The Auckland Memory Clinic offered a full memory testing service followed by treatment for the remediation of the difficulties caused by increasingly frequent memory lapses, as well as the skills to develop brain resilience to form a buffer against further memory loss. This could be undertaken individually or within a group setting at one of the Brain Fit For Life workshops.


Founder, Dr Allison Lamont

Dr. Allison Lamont’s research focuses on memory concerns which may arise through stress, trauma or age-related memory loss.

Brain Training For Any Age

We focus on the six key skills you need for life-long independence. Keep your brain and memory connections active, alert and growing.