Great to see you here! You are taking steps to improve your memory.

Shopping Spree Game

Here’s the game: Click here for Shopping Spree

[When loading the game for the first time, wait a few seconds when you see the word Construct3 appear. As soon as the game is ready for you, the title will appear. Have fun!]


Playing Shopping Spree has just given your short term memory, verbal memory and working memory a workout.

What is your brain doing?

See how many brain areas are activated when you play ‘Shopping Spree’!

Brain Activity Verbal Memory





Verbal Memory

First you used your verbal memory to focus on the words on each list. 



Short-term Memory

Then you held the shopping list words in your short-term memory while you searched for each item on the shelves.  Your short-term memory worked hard to prevent the words from ‘vanishing’ from your mind as you concentrated on your list. As the shopping lists got longer, you strengthened the ‘holding’ capacity of your short-term memory. It’s a great exercise because your short-term memory is the ‘gateway’ through which all memory passes so the stronger that ‘gateway’ is, the better.

At first, you may be surprised by how easy it is to have words ‘vanish’ from your memory when you were sure you would recall them.

You will improve your recall with practice.

Brain Activity Short Term Memory
Brain Activity Working Memory




Working Memory

You also gave your working memory a workout too, as you:
1. Remembered what each grocery item looks like
2. Searched the shelves until you found them
3. Mentally crossed them off your shopping list

Everday Applications


Working memory is vital in everyday life as it allows you to combine what is in your mind right now, with information you already knew, and your previous experience.  It allows you to make sense of what you are reading or hearing, to solve problems, make comparisons, to learn from past experience and to make decisions.


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