Do you live in a single level bungalow or apartment?

There are many advantages if you do.


if you want to continue negotiating bus steps and stairs in public,

you have nothing much to practise on!


Practise keeping strong for steps and stairs.


With these simple exercises:

  1. Find a step or staircase to practise on. (in your facility or garden?)
  2. Set yourself the goal of stepping up and down most days. (If you are very weak maybe only three or four at a time is possible but as you get stronger, build this number to ten.)
  3. Work within your limits – when your legs start to feel a little tired that is ideal.
  4. Try always to make your legs do the work, not your arms.


Note: If you are not confident balance wise, you can lightly hold something to give you confidence.

If steps and stairs are not accessible to you, it is worth investing in a metal ‘step stool’. You’ll buy one for around $20 at your local hardware store.

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Kris says:

It is never too early to start and never too late to begin!

Exercise Specialist, Kris Tynan.

Watch out for more great exercise and lifestyle tips from Kris Tynan next month.